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I called my mom on my way home from work today.

Like I do on many days.

If I haven't mentioned before,

My mom also lives across the country.

Today I was authentic.

I mean I always am,

but today even more so.

I felt Raw.

My words were real.

Not sugar coated.

More Like Cheerios,

Not Fruit Loops.

I vented.

I Unloaded.

I Shared things that I needed to get off my chest.

Without even realizing that I needed to.

But I guess mom's can do that

for us,

be a rock when we need one,

without even knowing that we need one.

I also needed a hug from her...

but her support and love was enough to suffice.

Or at least It'll have to be.

We can never be too old to need our mom...

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