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Updated: Jun 23, 2022

… would I have told my teenage self?

I’d tell Her…

“You have it in you to be fierce,

No matter what you are told.”


"You are perfect on your own,

don't feel you Need someone to define you"

I'd tell Her that...


Is Not a form of love.”


“You are Not flawed."


"It's not your fault.

It is not Your fault.

It is Not Your fault."

I'd say...

"You are not to blame.


You Do Not Deserve This.”

I’d say that…


Should not be any part of a relationship.



Actually does mean No.

That saying is not a thing yet,

but it will be.”

I’d tell Her…

“There is someone out there

That you can talk to


who will listen

Without judgement.

Someone who will not

Blame you for what is happening.

Someone who won’t make you feel guilty or ashamed.

There is someone out there…

Who won’t say ~

I told you so. “

And I’d also tell Her…

“If you don’t say anything…

you’ll spend the rest of your life

Wishing that you had.

These days in your life will mold you

And shape you

And teach you something that you will believe

for a very long, long time…

You’ll believe somewhere deep within yourself

that you deserve

to be treated poorly,

that you are not worthy,

that you are less.

But that is so Not true.

You won’t respect yourself


You’ll openly accept disrespect

Keeping silent will not only

break down your self esteem

So very badly

But will it also break off a piece of your inner foundation

that you will spend the next 30 years trying to patch back together.”

That is what I would tell Her,

Or at the very least

that is where I would start.

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