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A BLOg's Purpose

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

This year is coming to an end.

I've almost completed this BLOgs purpose.

To write one page

every day

for three hundred and sixty five days.

The idea to start writing a blog came to me when I literally had my head in the clouds.

I was on a flight to B.C. to visit my son, who I hadn't seen in 4 months.

That was the longest amount of time that had ever passed without seeing him.

And I couldn't get there fast enough.

I'm sure you could've felt my excited energy from across the room.

It might've even helped propel the plane.

It was also a visit to see my mother and brother,

who I hadn't seen for an even longer amount of time.

It was my first solo trip.


Somewhat of a birthday vacation.

And my heart was happy.

I was feeling free spirited & creative.

But it wasn't until I was a full time screenwriting and narrative design student

more than a year later,

that I started my blog.

That was when I found the push I needed.

The inspiration.

All while still working part time as a Nurse.

As if I needed to put more on my plate!?!

But I did it anyway.

It was that particular inspiration that brought this blog to fruition.

That inspiration is written on the intro page.

Now nearly a year later,

I am no longer technically a full time student.

But I am a student of life.

Every day there is something new to learn.

Some better way to shift and grow.

Some way to learn to be better.

I've graduated from my program.

Screenwriting and Narrative Design.

I've had people that do no work in this industry ask me:

"So what exactly is that?"


"So what are you now that you are finished?"

A short explanation ~

Screenwriting is the writing of Scripts for Television and Film.

Narrative Design is the writing of Scripts for Gaming.

And what am I now?

A Dream chaser.

A Goal crusher.

A Writer ~

who is just beginning her story.

And who will forever keep her head in the clouds.




P.S. Hey Maselli, did you see what I did with the title ;)




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