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A Happy Collision

Happy Monday!

Do Monday's and Happiness actually go together?

Today they do ~ for me anyway.

Today was the first day of Term Two of my Screenwriting & Narrative Design Program!!!

EEK, sometimes I can't believe I am actually a FULL TIME Student, Again!

It was a good day. I met a fabulous professor for the first time and connected with classmates (ya that term ages me) for the first time in this new year.

This week of classes is an Intensive of Acting AND Writing!

What?!?! That's a thing?! It's titled ’Acting For Writers', could an Intensive course be any more exciting!

It's a collision of two of my most favourite things!

Saying that makes me think of the first time I experienced a collision of my Two Careers ~ Nursing & Acting.

I auditioned for the role of 'Nurse' in a major Commercial campaign. It was my acting resume and Agent that landed me the audition. (No one at the audition knew I was a nurse.) But I think it was my understanding of the tone and vibe of the commercial, you know considering I'm also a nurse, that landed me the gig.

MY left sided brain & right sided brain absolutely loved that I was able to collaborate both sides of myself in one professional accomplishment.

Today reaffirmed to me how much I truly do miss the world of Acting.... but as I've mentioned before, I can only wear so many hats at one time.

So on that note, I must go, I have a Scene to Write before tomorrow morning.


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