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A Little Blip about Boundaries

When someone insults you, and you have the bravery to address them on it, do they have the right to tell you that they didn’t insult you?

I don’t know how you feel about that,

But I believe the answer to that should be no.

I do not believe that they get to tell you that you are not insulted.

How can anyone have the entitlement to dictate to you what your feelings are?

It’s manipulative & infuriating.

If it wasn’t intentional, then just apologize.

Don’t say “I didn’t insult you.”

Because in that moment they are telling you that you did.

Don't dismiss your abrasiveness by telling someone that they are sensitive.

There is nothing wrong with a sensitive soul, heck, most of us could learn from these people.

It’s insulting to tell someone that you insulted that you didn’t insult them.

Wow, That’s a tongue twister.

It’s the same as when someone tells you that you hurt them.

You Don’t get to tell them that you didn’t.

You can let them know you didn’t intend to hurt them,

but it does not erase the fact that they are hurt.

Your denial or redirect does not absolve your words or actions.

Your denial & redirect does not erase the other peoples feelings.

Why can’t we just respect the boundaries of each others feelings and be more mindful of our words? Isn’t this what we should’ve been taught as children? WE need to strive harder to be less emotionally stunted?

Just Be kind.

There are literal wars going on in the world, our words with each other shouldn't be one of them.

Peace & Positivity


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