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A Long Journey

This blog has been somewhat of a journey for me.

It's followed my journey

of returning to school

full time,

in a different field,

other than my majority money maker.

At my age.


That's somewhat unheard of.

When I first started this program

I had someone ask me

if I was taking time off work for my hobby?

I didn't give up my full time job

for a hobby ~

f#<k, at least I hope not anyway.

It made me realize

that some may think that I just

"signed up" for this program.

But that certainly wasn't the case.

It took a lot of work,

effort, time, talent and tears.

And it also made me realize

that some people

still do not view creativity and writing,

as an occupation.

Or a career.

And that's ok,

I have nothing to prove to those people.

So anyway,

this blog started

when I was inspired by a professor

to write


every day

that someone else

could read.

I met that professor

after I had met

a fork in the road.

A fork in the road

that presented itself

when I gave in

to the gnawing feeling

within myself

that it was time

for me

to FULLY open up

to something that I love.

To Give myself fully to something creative.

Not like the way I only half gave of myself to my acting career.

Or at times the way I gave three quarters of myself.

You only get what you give.

And when I gave, I received.

But I mean, time was different, I couldn't take a full time risk.

So I never received a full time reward.

But things change.

We change.

We realize what is more important.


At least sometimes we do.

So I opened myself up to a leap of faith.

A leap of faith

that came

after a lot of really hard work.

Work that I did in the background

unbeknownst to most...

but not to my family,

they've known of my writing goals for many, many years.

(*see photo attached to this blog post)

Many hours spent

in the background of my life,

taking many,


part time

writing courses...

creative writing,

novel writing,


All the writing.

After I had worked all day.

After I had met all of my personal life responsibilities

for the day.

I'd stow away

up to my office

and sit at my desk

and eventually

at a desk

that my children had gifted me

and Write.

And when my portfolio was solid

and the timing was perfect,

I applied to a program

knowing that IF accepted


it WAS meant to be.

So here I sit...

on the Eve

of the completion

of my Screenwriting Program.

What a journey it has been.

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