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'Pinky Swear' Mantra

Today is 365 Pages Second Birthday!

I call it a Birthday because my writing, my creativity, my dreams and my goals are living, breathing things to me. And two years ago today I began delivering and sharing these things to this little web page.

Call it a home base for my words.

So, two full years of being here.

Two full years of giving myself permission to be brave.

The first year was daily writing, a feat I set out to tackle & accomplished. If this is the first page you’re reading, you’ll need to go back to the very beginning to click into my vibe.

Year two was a “when I feel inspired to write” type of year ~ so the time between posts was unpredictable. I am now ok with that.

And with that last sentence being said,

I realize that this has also been Two Full Years of working on a multitude of layers of Self Acceptance.

Cheers to that.

Cheers to ALL of that!

I'm not sure where Year Three will take me, but I'd love for you to come along.

If you read my last blog post from a couple of days ago,

you may have  thought it seemed as if I was emotionally down.

Dark. Tumultuous. Regretful. Sad.

But that is not true.

If you haven’t read the last blog post, go back, I’ll wait….


Geesh, what took you so long?!

I’m just kidding.

As I was saying, while reading my last post

you may have thought that it seemed as if I was emotionally down.

Dark. Tumultuous. Regretful. Sad.

But that is not true.

None of those things are true.

There is nothing further from the truth.

It was a writing exercise.

More specifically, I elected to do a Stream of Conscious exercise based on a prompt that I was given.

This prompt triggered a creative door to open into a particular space in my mind.

It was a flowing together of words from a packed away suitcase of emotions.

A suitcase that fell off of the closet shelf and the clasp burst open, spilling everything it contained.

Even if it contained something worn & tattered.

But I don’t walk around carrying that suitcase.

Could you imagine? It'd be way too heavy.

So it’s just stored away in a closet space in my mind.

And I'm not Harry Potter,

I don’t live in that space.

It was just a fleeting moment.

Like a five cent ride on a carousel.

You spin around & round.

A mixture of nerves, nausea, fear & joy all in one.

Then the ride ends.

You step off a little unsteady but then you find your balance.

Your equilibrium.

And then you lift your chin and walk away leaving the spinny feelings of the ride behind.

Until you do it again.

And then you're all "oh yeah, ugh, I remember this".

That’s the thing about a guided writing exercise,

it triggers something in you that you didn’t even know needed to be bust wide open.

You find things that you weren’t looking for ~ emotions, thoughts, words,

and they all just spill out.

You release them onto a page, without structure, without form, perhaps even without grace.

You just release.

Perhaps, that in and of itself Is the grace.

The grace you grant to your heart and soul.

And then you pack it all back up, like unfolded laundry being shoved into a too small suitcase.

You sit on top of it with all of your weight and firmly push down on the clasp, your fingers blanched fighting against it until it gives and clicks into place.

Yes, in my minds eye it's a gorgeous vintage suitcase. No extension handle. No zippers. No wheels.

And then you take that suitcase and store back into the closet of your mind.

Or you toss the suitcase in the trash.

Either way, those fragments of articles within it remain a piece of your soul.

But the point is, You move on.

Refreshed. Unburdened. Lighter.

I did a meditation today, well actually more than one, but

one stuck with me most because It contained this mantra ~

Shine From Within

This mantra struck a vibe somewhere deep within my soul.

This mantra struck a chord somewhere deep within some vintage suitcase in my mind.

So Please know this,

I am going to be putting this mantra into a suitcase

and carrying it close at my side throughout 2024.

Call it a resolution if you will, I'll call it a promise.

Would you like to Pinky Swear and take this mantra along with you on your ride of 2024 too?

I dare you.

I Double Dog Dare You.



Happy New Year!



P.S. And if you know me, you know I’m about to pull out all the cards for My 2024 read.

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