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About Last Night

I was so exhausted

that I feel asleep

really early

on the couch.

Well, at least early for me.

Not my typical


I went to bed.

And didn't even open a book.

Not typical at all.

In fact,

completely unheard of.

But in between

the falling on the couch

and the

getting into bed

Our son called,

from across the country.

And this morning when I woke

it took a moment

for me to pull the pieces

together in my brain

to remind me that he had called.

It took a moment for my brain to connect

the memory that we had had a conversation,

that was foggy

at best.

But slowly as I wake

it's coming back to me.

Exhaustion is a beast.

We're not being fair

to ourselves

when we split our time on so many things,

and try to squeeze so much into a day,

other than sleep.

We're not being fair

to ourselves


then we miss out on being

totally present

for things that matter...

like having a conversation

with your son

who lives across the country.

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