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We are all Actors.

Everyday in our lives.

I’ve taken years of acting classes.

Trained with the finest.

And it appears it has worked.

Even in my day to day life.

I’ve been doing it all week.

On the verge of tears with every word that I’ve spoken to anyone that I know.

One sweet soul caught onto my facade early in the week.

She sincerely asked ~ “How are you?”

All I could do was shake my head.

Tears welled up.

“Not good.”

The moment was inopportune to share.

Or discuss.

Or to actually allow myself to feel what I was feeling deep down in my soul.

She knew I would share with her,

if I could physically & emotionally do so.

But In that moment

I couldn’t.

So she gave me a moment.

To step away.

The next day this same beautiful soul gave me a nod of acknowledgment and a smile that I could see in her eyes because We still wear masks at work....

physically & metaphorically.

She asked ~

“Can I give you a hug? Or will it make it worse?”

On the verge of tears,

although I wanted her hug

I nodded ‘yes’ & croaked

“It’ll make it worse.”

She understood.

That feeling of being a snow-globe of fine glass that is cracking on the exterior but still appearing to be solid to those not looking close enough.

That fine ball of cracked glass that would shatter with the slightest pressure of hands. You try to keep it looking pretty & shiny but with the slightest pressure,

such as that of a sincere loving hug,

it would shatter the veil and everything that is swimming on the inside

would come spilling out.

But you have to keep it together.

That’s the tough part of Adulting.

So I’ve made it thought the week.

The tears only truly spill once I reach my car.

We’re All actors in life at one time or another.

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