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Arm Chair Quarterbacks

You've all heard of Monday Night Football.

Well let me introduce you to

Monday Night Reality TV Debate.

As you can guess from the title, this is a weekly discussion that my bestie and I have about the world of Reality Television. The degree of conversation waxes and wanes depending on the shows that have dropped or how many episodes we have each watched. Or how much we're actually enjoying it. Or how invested we really are. But truth be told, we can be super opinionated even with minimal investment. :)

You've heard of Arm Chair Quarterbacks, right?

Well, we're self proclaimed Arm Chair Single Gals.

Arm Chair Quarterbacks and Arm Chair Single Gals are basically the same thing.

Neither being what the person actually is in real life,

but know that they could do a better job. (insert laugh here)

We sit and watch the Reality Dating Shows the same as many people watch Football.

And just like Arm Chair Quarterbacks we absurdly know that we could make better and smarter plays than the person actually playing the game.

Like football, we see the flags being thrown all over the place.

But in Monday Night Reality TV Debate, most of the flags are red.

And because we're on the sidelines we have the advantage of a much greater perspective.

Besides that, we've both been married for decades, So we have that personal experience and age.

Although my bestie is still only twenty nine. (Wink, Wink)

We've recently invested in a Dating Reality Series that it hasn't reached its finale yet.

After one episode there was a question posed to the world by the series on social media.

The question was "You pull up to their place and they serve you food with plastic plates and cutlery. What would you do?" (Just to be clear, I do not own the words in the particular question that I just typed out. It just triggered a conversation for our Monday Night Reality TV Debate.)

Here's part of our convo...

Married Gal One: What would you do?

Married Gal Two: I would definitely eat off of plastic and drink from plastic.


Married Gal Two: I love drinking from those red plastic cups.

Married Gal One: It's despicable that it's even a question. A Grown Up... eating like they're still playing "kitchen" in their Playskool 'Gourmet Kitchen'. Nah, I'll pass. If it's a BBQ ~ sure. A Bonfire ~ Sure. A Fiesta ~ sure. A Picnic ~ Yes, I'm in. A Cottage ~ Absolutely. But a grown a** man only having solo cups in his kitchen ~ Not Only are the cups RED but the Flags are too! (Insert 3 red flags)

Married Gal Two: Oh My Gawd, I so knew you were gonna say that, but not with as much detail as you did. lol (Insert hysterical laughing emoji face)

SO that is out type of convo. It's fun. Light hearted. Not serious in any way. Not meant to be mean or harmful. But could you imagine what Reality TV could or would be if viewers could text in what they are seeing? Things that the contestant doesn't see. If viewers could text in their opinions or the vibe that they are catching from a person through the TV screen? Could you imagine if words just pop up on a screen in a common room of the hotel or mansion that were written by an Armchair Single Gal or Guy. Unfiltered words by people who have zero investment in your life.

Sounds absurd right?

On second thought, nix that idea.

Although I think I'm onto something with the concept,

it might take the entertainment value out of reality TV,

because it sounds like real life.

If a viewer could inject their own opinion into someone else's relationship it would be the same as what people deal with in the real world ~ snakes in the grass being exposed, toxic people sabotaging over jealously, toxic people just being toxic, out right lies being spoken, gossip just for the sake of sitting back to watch the dramatic chaos unfold.

But it could have perks if one's intentions are pure. Pure intentions like a compassionate & empathetic Arm Chair Single Gal yelling out "Red Flag! Red Flag!"

As an actor I've worked in Reality TV and it's not always what it seems, but I am a big fan none the less.

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