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Be Where You Are

We went to an out of town physician appointment today.

A visit to my husband's specialist.

He is wise man.

The physician that is.

I mean, My husband can be too,

but in this story it's not his wisdom that I am speaking of.

This man is wise.

Not only medically.

But wise with his innate soulful words

and they way with which he delivers them.

He spoke some words that I will expand on...

Don't worry about the past because

well, it's the past and it's over. There is nothing that you can do to change it.

Don't obsess or dwell about the future because whatever you envision is just a fantasy. It's only your imagination. You have no valid way of knowing what the future will hold. I mean you can plan, sure, but don't dwell in stress or fear of the worst picture that your imagination paints ~ that is only fantasy.

All you can do is live in the present, this moment ~ Because that is the only place where you actually are.

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