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My husband asked me...

"So for your blog, do you have to come up with a new topic everyday?"

Clearly he has not been reading this.

But I avoided touching the topic

Of even being vaguely offended

because truthfully,

I am not.

What I did answer was this,

"I don't HAVE to DO anything,

I can do whatever I want."

That is somewhat liberating ~

to have a space where I chose the rules,

a space where I pick the topics,

a space where I get to chose every aspect of it's entire being.

Anyone who has ever been in a writing program or a writing course or a writing competition knows that your writing is always bound by rules and regulations.

But this space never is never bound by anything other than my own mind and it's own restraints...

SO with that being said...

Can I pout again about having to be out the door for work on a weekend,

before the sun in even up?

I know it's the same topic as yesterday,

but that is where my creative mind lies at this moment ~

in a stifled uncreative blank space.

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