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The Button

Updated: May 17, 2023

I woke to a text this morning that read ~

“Good. You Deserve it.”

It was a response from my soul sister.

Part of a text conversation that we had been having,

except I fell asleep before receiving the reply.

Our conversation was about my pending trip.

The extension of it she is not yet aware,

nor the reason behind it.

But I did tell her of a few things on the early agenda that I feel will be relaxing.

And that was her reply ~ “Good. You deserve it.”

It brought tears to my eyes.

Maybe because it’s Mother’s Day morning & I miss our son who is across the country.

And maybe it’s amplified on Mother’s Day morning because I miss my mom who is across the country.

Or Maybe it is because of the heaviest hurt on my heart that I've carried over the last few weeks,

that I haven’t even told her about.

But yet, she intuitively knew that something is weighing on me, so she cast her words to envelope me like a hug.

Or maybe it’s just the simple words of someone I love saying ~

“Good. You deserve it” while I am feeling so raw.

It means that she actually sees me.

And It’s like a little bit of permission.

She sees me and is telling me ~

It’s ok to relax.

It’s ok to not constantly worry.

It’’s ok to not always be taking care of everyone else.

It’s ok to take time out, alone.

It’s ok to take care of me.

Because she knows it’s hard being The Button.

The one who holds everything together.

All the while trying to hold ourselves together.

You Buttons out there get it.

And to all of you, Happy Mama’s Day.

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