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I hate my brows.

Hate is a strong word ~ but you get the sentiment of what I’m saying.

Brows are weird.

Weird Little tufts of hair above our eyes.

Mine are the worst.

Because they're practically non existent.

Despite having NEVER plucked them.

I mean, maybe they're not THE worst.

But they don't bring me joy.

Which is crazy to even say out loud.

SO Good thing I'm writing, not talking.

It’s the natural dirty blonde fine hair thing ~

dainty blonde eyelashes, baby fine head of hair, blonde baby brows.

Fine hair that gets finer with age ~ thank you genetics.

But not only are my brows nearly absent and also absent of colour, they’re asymmetrical.

One has a bitchy c-shaped arch.

It's shorter than the arch-less one but sits higher demanding it's place in power.

The lower one is straight, like an arrow. Boring. An observer.

It's as if they are presenting to the world the juxtaposition of my personality.

How Annoying.

People say brows "are sisters, not twins".

But come on ~ mine are not even close to being sisters,

mine are more like long lost third cousins from another country.

I'd like some symmetry.

But it's not as if I can wax, or thread, or sugar or pluck them in to sisterhood

because by doing so it would eliminate them completely.

What has Brought about our obsession with brows?

Is it social media that has made us criticize everything little thing about our bodies and after running out of surface area we landed on the brow.

The weird little tufts of hair above our eyes.

What a weird thing to fixate on.

But I do it,

Because I don't have any!

And Brows have become such a thing!

But come on, admit it, brows are weird.

Seriously, stop reading this and look in the mirror.

I'll wait....

Or take a look at the people sitting around you.

Just focus on the brows, nothing else....

focus on the forehead hair.

And not in a critical way, just look at them.

They're Weird.

Like little moustaches above our eyes.

I don't want to be remembered or noticed for the forehead hair.

It's like the guy with the big moustache, you don't remember anything about him except for the 'stache. And when he talks, that's all that you are looking at ~ despite what his eyes or face might look like or even the words that he is saying. Be real, All you see is the 'stache.

I don't want my brows to be the centre of attention on my face, but here I am obsessing about them because I do want them to be more than what they are.

Falling victim to social media and self bashing, I once booked an appointment for Ombré Brows.

About a week or so before the appointment I was suddenly feeling crazy, super nervous about it.

Rocks in my stomach. I couldn't shake it.

And it wasn't the fear of discomfort of the process, it was the aftermath that scared me.

What if I Look, for lack of better word, stupid.

I was talking about it with a coworker who was super encouraging & supportive of the idea.

And when I left work, I went directly to the grocery store.

As I walked through the massive automatic sliding double doors,

only one person under a spotlight was walking toward me...

A dirty-blonde fine haired woman with solid ombré brows on full display.

It was the only thing I could notice on her face ~ which may have been very pretty or even gorgeous,

but I don't know because I couldn't see passed the brows.

They were fierce & startling and it made me realize that if the rocks in my stomach weren’t enough of a sign to cancel my appointment, this visual definitely was.

And the instant that decision was made in my mind ~ the rocks in my stomach were gone.

And in no way am I criticizing this stranger.

She may be very happy with that look.

And I truly hope it's filled the void within her that made her feel the need to get them done in the first place.

But I couldn't.

I would never want brows that demand being the centre of attention on my face.

I've never had brows. EVER.

So I feel to essentially get solid fake brows tattoo'd onto my face,

would give me a bigger complex then my life long brow-less issue ever has.

Trust your gut.

P.S. With all of this being said.... Microblading may be an option to look into?! If Anyone has any references that have worked on fine haired blondes, shoot them my way.

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