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Has anyone ever noticed that the cellophane

that surrounds crackers in a box,

is crap.

It doesn't fold.

It doesn't reseal.

It doesn't do it's job

or at the very least it doesn't do the job that I feel that it should be doing!

You gently slide the row of crackers out of the box

and if they're precious gems.

No one wants a broken cracker.

You then carefully open the cellophane.

Even if you tear or cut the most delicate opening,

the cellophane always ends up tearing right up the centre.

Does that always have to happen!?!

You instinctively swear, then take the first 3 crackers

out of the row

and then wrestle to try to cover the remains 47 (yes I counted) back up with the crinkly clear crap.

Sometimes I'll stick the entire innards of the box into a freezer bag.

Sometimes I won't because the box won't fit into the freezer bag and well

frankly it looks like garbage in my pantry.

Don't judge me.

And other times, well, I just feel lazy

or stubborn

and stand my ground

protesting to kitchen that the packaging that the crackers came in should keep them fresh, damn it!

But no matter what I do,

when I decide to have a little nibble of 3 more crackers

some where down the road,

I can guarantee that they will be stale.

Is that the entire grand idea behind this crinkly clear crackly cellulose,

To guarantee my need to buy more crackers?

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