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Monday morning drive to work in the gloomy weather.

The heat is on in the vehicle,

the clouds physically feel heavy.

So does the weight in my heart of knowing the weather that is to follow this slight damp chill.

The panoramic roof is exposed to let in the maximum of what little sunlight there is in the sky.

The music is up too loud.

Eighties or Nineties era of course.

Something needs to boost up this spirit of mine.

The one bright spot is the beauty of the leaves as they change season.

The canopy of them surrounding the road is a vision.

But You know what isn't a vision or beautiful to me though...

is my hair colour that is starting to change with this season!

I have made it this far in life without having many grey.

But now, here it is, making itself known.

Bring on the highlights!

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