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'Courage to Write'

I feel that Glimpses of synchronicity in our lives help us see that we are on the right path... IF we chose to see. And the acknowledgement of those connected moments help us to face our fears.

Upon reading the first few words of Ralph Keyes "Courage to Write' for a writing assignment on the "Fear of Writing', I am embodied by the warmth of synchronicity. Keyes writes about E.B.White the author of Charlotte's Web, the novel that has had a huge impact on my life. This is the book that baited me into being a book worm and a die hard reader since childhood. This is the book that ignited my passion to want to be a writer. This is the story that connects me to one of my first childhood dreams.

The recollection of the moment that I acknowledged the desire to be a writer is quite specific. I am the age of seven, sitting on the mustard brown carpeted floor of my grade two classroom. Mrs B sits in a child sized chair with her legs crossed at her ankles. I remember thinking to myself, she's a 'lady'. I also remember the way her nude pantyhose wrinkled at her ankles. I assumed she mustn't have realize that they looked that way because I am certain she would have straighten them if she did. As I sit looking up at her, I am filled with awe and delight. But it is not her presence that fills me, it is the words that she reads off the pages. In that moment I discover a new feeling, one that I do not recall having ever felt before, a feeling I now know as passion.

I do not feel that I have a fear of writing but rather (that up until recently) I have never given myself the permission to do so so freely. That statement in itself begs the question why?

Why do we give up on childhood dreams?

Why do we close ourselves off to our most innocent inner passions?

Why do we chose one career in our last year of High School, or there about, (when we are barely adults) and follow through with that path for our entire adult working lives?

Why don't we shift and change and grow?

Why can't we change our minds, follow our hearts and head in a different direction?

Well, I'm learning that We Can.

I'll leave you this quote that I read today by Lucille Ball, I hope it inspires you as much as it does me.

"The more things you do, the more you can do."


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