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Creature of Habit

My husband loves our dog.

HE really loves her.

He talks baby talk to her and gives her the most enormous amount of affection.

He makes sure she's tucked in at night before he goes to sleep.

It's really sweet.

He sends me pictures of her playing at the dog park.

He sends pictures of her sleeping after she's spend from doing pirouettes at the park.

She's so graceful for a big girl.

When I get home from work and he tells me about her trip to the park or what she did on her walk, I melt.

His love for her is adorable.

He's softened.

And I think geez, why weren't you like this about our kids when they were young?

It's quite endearing.

He says he's older now.

And that he was too uptight and over protective then.

He also said...

I didn’t know how to be that way, you taught me, you taught me how to love.

Those are some of the sweetest, most honest words that I have ever heard.

There is something to say about aging and maturity.

And perhaps you really can teach an old dog new tricks.

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