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DEANs List

So…. I received an email today from the Office of the Registrar & my Program Congratulating me on making the Dean’s List for the Fall Term. That’s exciting. Academic accolades in a Creative Program - Satisfies my Right & Left Brain!

One thing that is Not so satisfying is the 7 hour days of sitting in front of my laptop camera in a virtual classroom.

Seeing my face….

I pop up on the screen and eesh! my face didn’t look THAT shiny in the bathroom?!?!

TOOOO Much illuminating primer!

Oh, but wait, my eyes look super blue.

Nope too shiny. Quick, Close the blinds.

That helped, a little, but where did my eyes go?

And what’s with those brows?

What brows, they’re virtually non-existent. I mean, I’ve never had brows, fine fair brows, fine fair lashes, fine fair hair.

Ugh right, my hair, what’s with my hair? I need to cut it. No, stop, you need to grow it. Maybe I just need some highlights?

And maybe some botox… or filler, do I need filler? Maybe I just need some blush? Bronzer? No, a tan. I need a tan. Right, yes, that's it, I definitely need a vacation.

This constant camera in my face while I try to learn a new industry and be creative is… DISTRACTING!


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