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Eighteen Days

That is the amount of days that have passed since I was last here,


For me that feels like a huge chunk of time.

But to put it into perspective

so that I don't feel too disappointed with myself,

it is really less than three weeks.

Which is really not THAT long of a period of time.

In those eighteen days

there has been So much disconnect

between my intent to write here and my actual doing.

So here sit Eighteen days of empty pages,

which is such a vast difference

compared to my commitment of writing here daily in 2022.

But I did give this new chapter of the blog room to breathe,

and percolate and

to be whatever it will be without the demand of daily posts.

And It seems the commitment that forced me to come here daily,

was the thing that actually

allowed me

to take the time to be spontaneously creative.

And by letting myself off the hook of the daily commitment,

It apparently is really easy to procrastinate.

It's easy to avoid.

And without that promise to myself

it's easy to let so many other things get In the way,


that prevent me

from sitting down to write without any barriers.

To write words without any real structure or purpose

other than to just write.

And share.

But in those eighteen days of not coming here,

I have found time to spend loving on my Feature Film script.

Reading it.

Analyzing it.

Absorbing it.

Getting to know it inside and out.

Questioning it,

But never second guessing it.

Respecting it.

And finding all of the courage that I can

to stand behind it.

To get it out there into the world,

because it's a story that needs to be told.

So although I haven't written anything here in eighteen days,

I have still used those days to invest in myself

and invest in my love of writing.

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