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Updated: Dec 29, 2022

I shared two of my scripts with a close friend.

Which if you write,

you know that IS a BIG deal.

To expose yourself,

to someone who knows You.

It's different then letting

your work

be read by a professor

or a class mate.

It's different then submitting it to a competition

or asking for it

to be read by another writer.

TO open yourself up for critique

by someone you know

and love

is like being naked.

And I stripped for her because she asked.

And I knew she would invest her time

and her attention

to really read my work because she respects me

and supports me.

I sent her my Half Hour Comedy Pilot script first.

She admitted she had to get into the groove of reading a Script.

The Slug Lines.

The Actions.

The Characters.

The Dialogue.

The Camera directions ~ although minimal as a writer to inject, are sometimes still required.

The Voiceover.

The Transitions.

All the things that make reading a script different than reading a story.

Although it is a story.

It is still technical.

And structured...

unlike this blog.

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