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FaB Four

Today is My Super Bowl of Sundays!

The Oscars!

I cannot describe all the feels I get while watching this Award Show.

Well, I mean I properly could, but would you really want to hear it?

Not everybody gets my vibe on this.

But you know who does, my kids & my husband.

Our little Fab Four.

It's a thing in our house.

It has been for as long as I can remember.

We break out the "good" snacks & the bubbly.

Then we hunker in for the long haul.

All the hours of it.

From the Red Carpet Pre Show to the Final Award speech.

We analyze & critique.

We clap.

We cheer.

We may even cry at a speech or two.

Heck, I might even shed a tear tonight missing one of our Fab Four who now lives across the country.

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