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Fade To Black

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

I am not going to lie

Being a full time student

At my age

Hasn’t always been the easiest.

At times I thought the situation in and of itself could be a 1/2 Hour Comedy Series.

Who knows? That may come.

But I do feel it may have

Possibly been made easier because of Zoom classrooms, Zoom meetings, Zoom workshops and avoiding extensive commutes.

But perhaps the solo classroom made it more difficult?

It’s often hard to fit in,

When you really don’t fit.

But our mutual love of writing,

mutual love of the industry and of the craft,

Was our connection

But the eye rolling was never lost on me - ageism is a thing.

I found the longer the semesters went on

The less I found myself speaking


As I said,

The eye rolling wasn’t lost on me.

But it’s difficult it sit in a quiet “room” pretending the silence isn’t deafening when I’m so used to working in a social environment.

I also can’t help that I can relate to a lot of things,

I’ve lived a lot of life.

I know a lot of people, who have lived a lot of life.

I’ve cared for a lot of people, who have lived a lot of life.

So my capacity to empathize is huge.

It’s also innate.

So as my final workshop comes to a close, and I pop a bottle

Of very tasteful bubbly,

I celebrate the past twelve months of hard work put into this post graduate program and

I celebrate all of my commitment to the work that granted me acceptance in the first place.

I also celebrate Me.

And my courage to take this on.

And I celebrate my fine taste ~

Which has definitely come with age.

Fade To Black on this Remarkable Chapter.

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