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Fall from your Mouth

Another blow up between people

of catastrophic proportions

during the pandemic

was of course

the varying opinions of the vaccine.

Some people seem to think that their opinion is THE opinion that must be embodied by all.

And so they passive aggressively belittle those who do not share their same mind set.

I've witnessed it.

I've been at the receiving end of it.

And to my disappointment

because of it,

I have seen the worst of some people.

Some true colours shone through.

Colours that I've never seen before.

I have mine opinion.

You have yours.

I don't ask what you chose.

I don't ask why you chose what you chose.

And I don't cram my opinion down your throat.

So don't try to attempt to shame me for mine.

I do not tell you where your comfort levels should lie.

And you have no right to judge me for mine.

These actions indicate to me which rung of the ladder our relationship sits upon.

And just because I don’t call you out on it.

Doesn’t mean that I don’t see it.

Like I mentioned,

Just because I may be quiet.

Does not mean that I am naïve.

True respect does not hold any judgement of personal choice.

True respect does not attempt to bully a person into changing their mind.

True respect does not hold space to allow for judgement of another person's comfort level.

Especially during a world wide pandemic.

True respect for an individual does not allow for words of smack toward them to fall from your mouth.

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