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I just saw this on a social media post by Kumail Nanjiani…

“My dad always gave me physical &

emotional affection. He still can't say

he's proud of me without tearing up.

I had a male role model who showed

me it was natural to show affection,

emotion, love. The world would be

better if men were comfortable

expressing their inner lives.”

This sounds just like my father. He’s always been comfortable expressing love, emotion & affection. My brother & I are so fortunate to have received that from him all our lives.

I remember when my husband met my father, he was treated with the same affection & emotion that we have always been used to. It was new for him. Distinguishable. He had never experienced it before.

It seemed odd to me, I thought everyone had experienced love in that same way.

now fast forward all of this time…

My father is still that same man,

consistent with expressing his love,

affection & emotion.

And I know that we are all much better people because of it.

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