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I talked on the phone for nearly three hours tonight with a great friend of mine.

She's probably the realest person I know.

We find our groove with conversation

and one topic


to the next

and to the next.

We can talk about everything and anything.

So we do.

It's a safe space.

Tonight during this conversation,

I was brought to tears laughing.

She says ~

"Oh, I've been wanting to say this to you. How many times have I sent you a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" text on FEBRUARY FIFTEENTH and you reply ~ "THANK YOU" smilie face? Seriously, be real. How many times?"

I couldn't contain my laughter.

She continued ~ "Seriously though, it's true. Only you would thank someone for wishing you a happy birthday on the wrong day!"

You see, my birthday is actually MARCH FIFTEENTH.

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