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Forty Four Things

Updated: Apr 28

My mind has been filled. Filled with things that I feel I may have perhaps always known.

Things that I wish I had known sooner. Things that I will never allow myself to forget.

I can’t say for certain that these are things that I have learned only in these last forty four days.

Some of the things, yes. But others... they are things that I have learned and thoughts that I have accumulated during my fifty years and forty four days as an apprentice of this life.

Perhaps it is just the simple fact that it has taken this long in my life for some of these real lessons to sink in and penetrate. They've marinated over time and now seep through my heart, my soul and my mind.

Forty four reminder notes to myself for these first forty four days of fifty:

  1. Love your children fiercely.

  2. Let your love be so fierce that it is tangible.

  3. Trust your gut - Always.

  4. Appreciate the present moment. Truly.

  5. No matter what the current moment is, good or bad, appreciate the lesson, value it’s worth.

  6. When a lesson is learned, Remember that lesson.

  7. Not everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt.

  8. Not everyone deserves your time.

  9. Time is the most precious gift.

  10. When you feel joy, let it be known to those contributing to that feeling.

  11. When you appreciate someone, let them know it.

  12. Slow down. Breathe. Meditate.

  13. Never let yourself lose your dedication to your yoga practice ever again.

  14. Sleep!

  15. Take good care of your skin - it’s the largest organ of your body. SO show love to your body! Make up for all of the years of sun exposure without sun screen! Cleanse. Tone. Treat. Moisturize. SPF. Hydrate.

  16. Drink your Collagen!  Not only will your face thank you, but your joints will too.

  17. Drink your Greens before coffee! And drink your Camomile Lavender Tea in lieu of Wine.

  18. Pay attention to all of the signs. Signs that there is a greater source than just Us.

  19. Wish upon that Star.

  20. Dance when the music moves You. And Sing. Even if it's off key.

  21. Really Listen to what people tell you, with their words, their eyes, their tone & their face.

  22. Lift others Up.

  23. But don’t make excuses for other peoples behaviour.

  24. And don’t carry the responsibility of their actions.

  25. Believe that people are who they show you they are and not necessarily what they say they are. It is true - Actions speak louder than words.

  26. Sincerely forgive. Others and Yourself.

  27. Remove yourself from any situation that doesn’t align with your comfort.

  28. It’s okay to say No.

  29. It’s okay to say Yes.

  30. Don’t shrink yourself so small that you become a step stool.

  31. A lie is a lie is a lie.

  32. Be patient. With others. With Yourself.

  33. Say “I love you” often.

  34. Say “I miss You” when it’s what you feel.

  35. Speak your truth - kindly.

  36. Never judge a book by it’s cover, but also know that a cover often exposes a glimpse of truth.

  37. Recognize that we are all products of our environment no matter how old we get so always respond from a place of love & empathy.

  38. People say don’t sweat the small stuff, Listen to them.

  39. Don’t ignore the red flags in any situation... pay attention to the amber flags too.

  40. Give what you Get from relationships. Accept for your relationship with your children; always give more.

  41. Feed your Soul ~ tune in to what it needs, whatever that means for you in this moment.

  42. Wholeheartedly Love Yourself.

  43. Never dim your Light.

  44. Shine!!!

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