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Freedom to Feel

I had time today

to sit with myself

and sort through

some thoughts


some feelings.

Some indecisiveness.

Some unknown.

I don't really have the answers I was seeking

but I am actively listening

to what my heart

and mind

are trying to tell me.

I always say "trust your gut",

I live by that ~

but about when

your gut doesn't know?

Is that in itself a sign?

Some times the answers are easy

they just come to you

no thought required whatsoever.

And other times,

at other times it's hard to know

if you can trust yourself

with the answers

to the Big questions.

It's easy to be filled

with doubt

or fear.

Or a bit of both.

And then at moments like this

when you're feeling a bit unsure

and you come across words

that you know you were meant to read

at that exact moment...

it in itself is a sign.

It helps to reassure

that you are on the right path

although you may not see where it is actually going.

These are the words I came across...

"You must learn to trust that

there is a future waiting for you

that is beyond

what you might be able to grasp

at this present moment"


That really got me.

I searched for the author

to these words

and although

I can find these words

all over the internet in different places

I have yet to find an

authors name attached.

SO to whomever these words

originally belonged

I want to say

Thank You.

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