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Glimpse of Grace

Our world spins so fast.

We race

from moment to moment,

from day to day,

from place to place.

Often hurried to get where we need to be,

where we want to be,

and where we feel obligated to be.

In those moments that race by,

we often miss the little flickers of grace.

Little gifts that flutter around us,

that at times the eye may be too blind to see.

The flicker of grace

in the smiles,

the knowing looks,

the kinds words,

the warm embrace.

I'm innately intune to others thoughts and vibes.

Emotional cues are typically not lost on me.

If anything I've always been quite sensitive to them.

Overly sensitve.

Yesterday was one of those days...

Where my eyes were open wide enough

to capture every glimpse of grace within my heart.

And every glimpse seemed to be sprinkled with an aura of glitter.

So not only did I hear it

and see it


I also felt it.

In every word,

with every thank you,

in every smile,

with every embrace.

The sincere ways in which this grace was gifted to me,

even if subtle,

has left an imprint of appreciation and gratitude that is not subtle within my heart.



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