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I’m the first to admit that I’m not too keen on winter.

I’d rather be in the sun, surf and sand all year round.

But, If there was one thing I had to chose to say that I enjoy to do in the winter, it’d be BBQing.

There is something that I enjoy about being bundled up in the freezing cold, standing in front of a flame-y hot grill.

Something about the stillness of the cold. The quietness while being outside.

There’s something about the in-congruency about seeing my warm breath in the cold air while feeling the heat from the grill on my freezing cold cheeks.

I can’t explain it, but maybe you get it.

I enjoy the actual task of grilling more than I do the act of eating it all afterwards.

Shhh, Just don’t tell my husband that.

I still insist that it’s a chore… but one that I won’t let him take on because, truthfully, he is not great with the grill.

Or the kitchen for that matter.

While I Love the precision of the clock, counting each flip of the steak (or what have you), using fine skill to utilize the thermometer only once, artfully pleased while my favourite tunes play in the background. He has only two grill techniques, high heat & fast cook. Which we all know equals tasteless leathery meat and over cooked vegetables. Such a waste.

NO thank you.

SO since I’m not keen on winter and we still have a long way to go before any warm weather approaches, I’ll appreciate the little simple things that bring me joy.

HaPpY Grilling!


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