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Hairy Sitch

For those of you who know me, know that I am very organized.

Extremely tidy. Ridiculous keen on concise documentation & Love tick box lists ✔️

And well, it may annoy some.

But I always know exactly where everything is…. Except for this morning.

The Picture attached is the very tidy home where my hair products live.

They all have a certain designated space - which I know, because I am the only one who uses them.

I faithfully use a specific hair product everyday that quenches my hairs thirst.

FYI - It is the Only hair product that lives in this bin that has the shape of a toothpaste tube.

I was in a rush this morning, preoccupied, distracted, coasting on auto pilot, I reached into the bin for this distinctly shaped product.

So imagine my surprise when…

A stowaway made it’s way into my hair bin!

An anti-inflammatory cream for sore muscles!

So my advice to myself and all of you ~ slow down, read the labels and always Check your 5 R’s of Medication.

AND Never ever put your stuff in someone else’s meticulously organized bin!

But not to worry, my hair hasn’t felt a thing all day. 😜🤣

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