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Handle With Care

The inner dialogue that we have within ourselves has Power.

Our words have Power.

No matter what we tell ourselves

our mind will believe it.

Our thoughts and inner words are the captain of our vessel.

So no matter what we tell ourselves,

whether it is something uplifting

or something that is self sabotaging,

our minds take our words at face value.

Whether it's true or not,

our mind believes it. Our words have Power.

So do your best to EmPower yourself.

Because that inner dialogue,

no one else can hear it.

And no one can throw you a life line

if they do not know that you need it.

We are not made to celebrate alone.

And we are not meant to struggle alone.

But we can do both of those things single handedly,


But we can't do it well.

I had someone reach out to me this morning.

Someone who I love.

Someone who has been struggling,

more than I ever realized.

Because said person is the captain of their own vessel

and this person's inner words could not be heard by anyone else.

Could not be heard by me.

Words have Power.

Check on your friends a little more when they get a little quiet.

And Your family members that seem to be a little withdrawn.

Maybe it'll be nothing

other than the busy day to day of life.

But maybe it will be something.

Maybe without even knowing it

they're waiting on someone to toss them a lifebuoy.

And even if they are not ready to share their inner words at that time,

they'll know that the rope is attached

and you'll be at the other end

willing to pull them up.

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