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Happy Hallowe'en

I love this day.

The magic.

The mystery.

The costumes.

I used to love helping my kids come up with their costumes.

And then putting them together from articles of clothing that we've bought from a local thrift store.

Shopping around to find the perfect dress to tatter, burn and tear for our daughter to be a ghost bride.

Or finding the most suitable purple velvet suit jacket and green pants for our son to dress as the The Joker ~ retro style.

From Junior Kindergarten to perhaps Grade 2 our son had a consistent theme. He was a wizard which evolved into Harry Potter. Every year the costume came better and better. Right down to the perfect Hogwarts tie that I crafted myself after searching high & low for a replica.

At this moment the Hallowe'en that I cherish the most is the one we spent in Salem, Massachusetts.

If you ever want to experience Hallowe'en THIS is the place to be.

The street parties, the live music, the museums, the haunted houses, the psychics, the carnival, the costumes, the costumes, the costumes!

We stayed in an extremely old hotel which hosts the annual Hallowe'en Ball ~ we've never seen costumes quite like this before.

We were familiar with the hotel and the Ball from a famous Hallowe'en Movie that our kids had watched hundreds of time. So being guests in the hotel and people watching the elaborate costumes going into and out of the ball, combined the music ~ was an eerie, exciting experience like no other.

As parents we question taking our kids out of school for a few days for these vacations...

for these experiences... but I always knew with certainty that it was the right thing to do.

Nothing can take away from experiences.

And now,

Nothing can compare to these memories.

We all cherish that we have them.

So current day,

with our kids grown,

I love sitting on the porch and handing out candy to little Trick Or Treaters.

We're a full size chocolate bar kinda house

with a choice of chips or cheddar popcorn,

if chocolate is not your thing.

But my intention is for the kids to take one of each, that's what I plan for.

I love seeing the kids eyes light up when they see the chocolate bars.

I love seeing their wheels spin as they get to chose which one they want.

Giving children choices and allowing them to make their own decisions is key in life.

I love when they pick out a chocolate bar and then say ~

"Oh wait, I changed my mind, can I switch it?!"

Of course you can.

I love when they realize that they can take something from each cauldron.

I love hearing them squeal as they run down the driveway ~

"They have full size chocolate bars!"

Those words take me back to my childhood ~

although I don't ever remember finding the rumoured house that had the full size chocolates bars.

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