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Holy Sh*t!

I just noticed the time! It’s 11:53pm!

I was looking at so many things that have inspired me over the day… I had some really great moments today, inspired by some incredible phrase or person or thought. I wanted something really great to share since my flop yesterday.

The first thing I read this morning was inspirational

“You give life to what you give energy to.”

Author unknown

It catapulted me onto a very inspiring, accomplished day. And now with 4 minutes to spare before the end of day 31… Page 31, I just want to say.

Breathe life into the things you want. The things that YOU want.

Breathe life into your dreams. YOUR dreams.

Step away from the pack.

Find your own lane. Then CHOOSE Your Own Lane.

Your people will still be there along the side of the road of your journey, if they were your people to begin with.


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