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Important Point

When I was in grade school,

my teachers told my mom that I talked too much.

My teacherS, plural, also told me that.

A lot.

I was told that I was a natural story teller.

An intriguing narrator.

But the issue was, that when I was telling a story

I"d go from Point A to Point C

to Point D

then back to Point A

and then on to Point B.

Any one who knows me, knows this to be truth.

BUT I think the Important point is ~

That I always finished the story.

I always hit All the points.

I mean, isn’t that what creativity is?

Telling a story in your own way.

And if you stuck around to listen to me hit all of those points in a non-chronological order as a kid,

I imagine it must’ve been a little bit captivating.

Morgan spontaneously took this picture of me ~

because I’ve busting barriers and ignoring acceptable sleep patterns trying to reach my goals.

Seeing this photo made me think of those childhood memories.

Because I’m still trying to tell stories!

Heck, plot point structure in a film is a bi*ch.

It’s my struggle.

This Cue Card exercise in this photo is a blessing.

And a bi*ch all at the same time.

Because Although I know the story I’ve written,

It’s the damn structure rules that get me questioning myself too much!

Questioning myself, don’t get me started, that in itself is another story.

So this is where I’m at today ~

As ALL of my post grad prof’s have said,

As long as you know the rules….

Who says you can’t break them?!

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