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Invisible Monday

Sitting outside on this Sunny holiday Monday, enjoying the quiet.

Reflecting & Journaling...

After many hours of sitting inside polishing a much cherished script that I've written.

Yes! I've completed my feature film screenplay! 🎥

So as I turned the page in my book,

I read these words...

"Ask a woman who she is, and she'll tell youth she loves, who she serves, and what she does.

I am a mother, a wife, a sister, a friend, a career woman.

The fact that we describe ourselves by our roles is what keeps the world spinning.

It's also what makes us untethered and afraid.

If a woman defines herself as a wife, what happens if her partner leaves?

If a woman defines herself as a mother, what happens when the kids leave for college?

If a woman defines herself as a career woman, what happens when the company folds?

Who we are is perpetually being taken from us, so we live in fear instead of peace.

That is why so many woman feel invisible."

by Glennon Doyle

I had to pause & re-read the words

more than once…

then I thought

what wonderful words

to share here

with you.


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