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That's the topic of today.

Laughter is medicine for the soul.

Laughter at the absurd.

Making light of the dark.

Today we had an impromptu in-class assignment of writing a comedy bit, a monologue, containing 5 bullets of jokes... AND IT WAS FUN! And innate.

And I loved it.

I'd love to share it here, but it being repurposed at a later date in another project. For which I hope you'll see one day on the screen. Acted out by artists, not words for you to read on this screen.

The class this term of Writing for TV Comedy is just what I needed for this dreary, blustery, cold, snowy January day.

It's exactly what I needed to stoke a fire within myself.

A reaffirmation that I want to share laughter.

Life is messed up. This world is messed up. At the very least, we can laugh at it together.

It's amazing to feel these little sparks of enthusiasm. These moments of celebration within myself, of knowing I am on the right path.

Now it's your turn.

Get out your shovels, toss the snow out of your way and find your path!


P.S. Tell me your favourite TV comedies!

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