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On this Friday,

the last Friday in August,

I have woken with a ton of energy.

My insides are like static ~ creative energy tingling to burst through my finger tips.

This is the way it happens for me,

I slowly rise

from that in between stage of sleep to wake

and seem to linger there for a bit.


refined ideas

of current works

fill my mind.

Or fresh ideas for new works

come forward.

They line up

like models on a runway,

stepping forward

for my critiques.

Or like pages of a picture book,

that I tear out

one by one

to either


for later

or crumple up and toss away.

Light bulb moments.

This space in my mind

are where my creative juices flow freely

Without negative judgement

from myself.

This is ‘HYPNOPOMPIC STATE’ ~ associated with the semiconsciousness preceding waking

It is a time when our minds are open to creative and intuitive epiphanies…

My mind has been Wide Open to both of these areas

for all of my entire life.

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