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I just finished watching the first season of “And Just Like That”…

and I loved it.

The friendships between these women is phenomenal.

I didn’t want the season to end!

IT made me think of some of the great connections that I am fortunate enough to have.

Yesterday I had some real great conversations with a friend. A lot of giggles and laughs.

Laugh out loud, teary eyed kind of laughing.

During all of our conversations, One little sentence I spoke gave a little sneak peek into a bit of doubt that I was feeling. Although we didn’t sit and linger in it, like I said, it was only one sentence, I realize how truly she had been paying attention to me.

Earlier today I was feeling some more of that same self doubt. And at that very moment my phone “Pinged”.

It was the photo on todays page post…

“You Are Absolutely Capable OF Creating The Life You CAn’t Stop Thinking About.”

The timing was serendipitous.

I’m lucky to have friends who actually listen and hear that one sentence out of multiple paragraphs I may speak.

And I’m lucky that those same friends reach out and let me know that they are always there.


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