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Lunch of Champions ~ Not

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

I Can’t believe how lousy I feel.

How is today worse than yesterday?

I just want to cry.

Cry Like a snotty-nosed, pouty child

whose cheeks are flushed

because she feels really, really, really unwell.

I did cry on Monday.

When I had to drive

more than half an hour away

for my PCR test.

I actually cried when I spoke to my husband through the door of the room where he was isolating.

I choked up when I told him that I had to leave the house.

Tears spilled as I told him that I was feeling too unwell to do so.

Too unwell to drive.

As I was putting my Sweater on at the door,

(Specifically Sweater not Coat because my coat would be too hot with this fever)

I heard him climbing the stairs.

Gawd he looked like doody.

But I know I did too.

He said he’d drive me.

I refused.

He’s so sick as well.

What is the logic in both of us suffering to make the trip?

With Both of us being overheated in a vehicle, wearing masks.

My fever is bad enough with the cold air biting freely at my cheeks.

And my nausea is so bad that I can't be a passenger in a vehicle right now.

My daughter was near tears proclaiming how she wished she had her license,

so that she could drive me.

But the sweet part is, she is so very ill too.

Big hearts fill this home.

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