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Made the Grade

When I first started my Screenwriting Program in September,

we were told on numerous occasions that grades are not everything.

That it is a creative program and at the end of the day,

our grades won’t neccesarily get us…

a job in the writers room,

our Interactive media created,

our Pilots green lit


our Feature Films optioned.

We're not judged on our ability to memorize for an exam

but more of our comprehension of a structure

the way we utilize and create with it.

No amount of cramming will allow you to attain the task

with this kind of work.

All of my grades are in for Term Two…

And I must say

Making the grade is a celebration!

It means that I am connecting to the structure

That I’m writing with professionalism

That My words are filled with purpose

And that it translates through the script

And that it is understood by others

To me it means that

MY creativity is lighting it’s own way

Grades don’t mean everything

But they do mean something

And to me it’s another reaffirming sign

Of being on the right path

There's a little light, shining a little brighter within me tonight.

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