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Major Fail

Four days.

I went Four Entire Days without coming here.

No posts.

No words.

No thoughts.

No sharing.

MAJOR disappointment.

Four days that I thought...

I need to get there

What will I write about?

What do I have to say?

I had some thoughts.

I took a few notes.

While I was on a break at work.

And then some days I didn't get breaks.

SO just thoughts.

No notes.

And before I knew it

one day led to the next

then to the next

and then to the next.

And now today.

I'm here



That's the thing about creativity...

it can get sucked dry

or buried


the stress

and exhaustion.

of day to day life.

And I'm hard on myself

I am the first to admit that

I'm super critical

of even the smallest things.

And I realized yesterday

during a conversation with my son

that he is the very same way

with himself...

and I may have taught him that.

And for that,

I am truly so very sorry.

And as I told him

he needs to not be so hard on himself

and not be so critical

because he's probably internally amplifying

something small

into something BIG

the same way that I do...

SO here I am on this Monday.

Apologizing to myself

for letting myself down.

Hoping that I

will not do it again....

but knowing that

I am only human.

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