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Mama Bear

I am fired up. My heart is racing. My stomach is In knots. I'm nauseated. My heart hurts.

I was just made aware of an incident that my son's partner endured at work today.

In the year 2022.

In a professional health care office, where he works.

His colleague, who appears to NOT be an actual professional or decent human, although was trying to pass herself off as one just made the most ignorant comment to him.

This grown a** woman just told Cam that he "sounds like a woman and should man up" and to

"stop being so gay".



What the actual F*c*!

I am absolutely appalled by the ignorance of said "professional".

I am furious.

I probably should be counting to ten before coming here to write, but I was given permission to share his story... and I'm just too fired up to wait and share this later. I need somewhere to direct this anger and upset and disappointment at the human race before I head back into class. As if there are not enough problems in the world. As if there is not enough divide...

I am proud of Cameron for dealing with said situation with class and humanity... although said grown a** female "professional" is not worthy of his grace. Nor is she worthy of his presence.

There is no excuse for her behaviour and treatment towards you Cameron.

I am so sorry that you had to be the object of such disrespect.

But I am so proud of you for being the far bigger and better person.

All my love


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