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Me Schedule

Hey all you Pinky Swear Pals, how is your dedication to our Mantra going?

If you don't know what I'm referring to, go back to the last blog post... from January first. Eek!

I instantly feel a tinge of guilt for not writing.

With that being said, after year one of this blog I told myself that I would only come here when my energy and soul pulls me to, not due to sense of obligation.

So in this moment,

I forgive myself and release any guilt because you know as well as I do that it doesn't serve Me well.

My lack of 'writing room' time has been based in goodness.

I've been trying to root myself in my mantra AND I am doing more than trying,

I am doing the damn thing.

I know some of you who reached out to 'pinky swear' with me must be shining bright!

I also have a few of you in mind who didn't vocally 'pinky swear' with me but I am sure you 'pinky swore' to yourselves because that is the kind of sweet, gentle souls that you are.

The last three weeks has become my '5am Morning Era'.

And not solely because of my work schedule,

it's because of my Me schedule.

Truth be told, many mornings I am waking up long before my alarm is scheduled to chime and that's ok because I'm giving my body the rest it needs.

I am decreasing screen time at night ~ TV, Social Media, the rabbit hole of the Web.

I am getting myself into bed far earlier than my typical 'somewhere between' 11pm to Midnight.

And I am sleeping well. Better than I have in years.

MY 5am Morning is to ground myself, reconnect with my yoga practice.

Reconnect with My strength. Reconnect with My power ~ mind, body and soul.

The dark of the morning before the sun comes up is a magical time for me.

Everything is Calm, Still, Peaceful.

A time before I pick up on anyone else's energy.

Because if you're sensitive to other's energy like I am,

you know how impactful that can be. For better or worse.

So at 5am

or even earlier,

I make my way though the quiet house.

I switch on a side table lamp that glows a gentle light.

I start up a diffuser to disperse the most calming of essential oils.

I drink my Greens.

Then I arrive to my mat.

I choose what calls to me on the day...

Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin, Restorative.

Often it's a combination of two.

One class then the other.

And then perhaps even followed by a purposeful meditation.

Over the last three weeks this reconnection to a practice that I let slip away has shifted Me.

It has lifted Me.

It has loosened the cobwebs.

It has blown away the dust bunnies that were covering pieces of Me that I had forgotten about.

It's ignited My spark and assists with My mantra to 'Shine From Within'.

P.S. If you don't know where to start your home Yoga & Meditation practice Check Out Peloton!

Being someone who was was faithfully in love with Hot Vinyasa in a Studio in the past... I can honestly say that I love practicing this way even more. I can even tell you my fav Yogi instructors if you want ;)

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