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‘Moondance’ was our sons favourite song when he was 4 years of age.

He brought a recording into his JK class for a music project.

Such an Old soul he is.

Moondance by Van Morrison.

It’s a great song.

And you know what else is great, the energy that this full moon has brought with it.

If you didn’t know, July 13 2022 is said to be the Biggest Super Moon of the year.

You can pretend you don’t feel it.

But if you’ve ever worked in an ER,

you can’t deny that the cycles of the Moon hold validity when it comes to emotional shifts in Us humans.

I mean, if the moon can shift the waves of an ocean, why can’t it shift the waves in us? We are made up of a huge percentage of water after all. And our volume is minuscule in comparison to an ocean.

This morning I had the luxury of waking without an alarm set for any reason.

Rare occurrence.

I accepted it with gratitude.

And yet, I woke up very early, despite going to bed quite late.

But I awoke feeling refreshed.

Well slept.

Another Rare occurrence.

I poured my coffee & headed straight to my office,

where I proceeded to write for quite some time - more specifically 5ish hours, which flashed by in what seemed like a blink of an eye. I could’ve creatively carried on longer but I had to pull myself away for a bite to eat before a 3 hour script workshop.

And What a great workshop it was!

Again, the time flew by.

It seemed Everyone was feeling the vibe from This Energetic Super Moon.

I buy into it.

And I’m all for it.

I’m the first to admit there are things far bigger than us.


I’d even stand first in line for this Moondance.

Now, where did I put my dancing shoes?!

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