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I received the details for the Writing Challenge that I entered, and boy, it is going to be a challenge. Not in the fun IMPROV Acting type of way that I was hoping for either.

The Genre that I am assigned, I know absolutely Nothing about! Crime Caper?!? I'm #MINDBLOWN. And honestly a bit disappointed. The Subject I am assigned is totally lost on me! And the Character, well, I can figure that part out. But combining it all into one story.... BEYOND CHALLENGING!!!

I guess that's the point.

Having this weigh on my mind since 12:01 this morning, with zero ideas forming, I decided to go for a walk. I figured it would clear my head and allow me to dig into my creative mind without distraction.

BIG Mistake!

The entire experience was a painful distraction.

My sun glasses were fogged up before I hit the end of the driveway. I barely made it to the end of the street when I wanted to turn back around. MY FACE HURTS! WHY AM I LIVING WHERE THE AIR HURTS MY FACE?! I know you've probably all read that line somewhere before, I know I have. But despite the music playing in my ears, those were the only words going through my mind. I am not a winter person, but I was fooled by the brilliantly bright sun in the sky. I was enthusiastically optimistic for a nature inspired creative break through. I thought it would be a pleasant, productive, enjoyable walk. Wrong.

But, I carried on anyway.

I tried to enjoy the music in my ears ~ no such luck, MY FACE HURTS! Out of nowhere, the sun suddenly started to set, oh sh*t! So I thought I really should start to head back home. I turned around, directly into the wind! Instantly my eyeballs frosted and hot tears spilled down my frozen cheeks. The warmth of my tears temporarily soothed the pain in my frigid cheeks but then I think they turned to icicles?! OMG! Why am I out here?!

But then MY heart instantly sank, I thought of those who are outside at this very same moment... but without a warm home to race back to. That switched the gears in my brain, which switched the tears to those of empathy, not frosty air.

So here I am defrosted, grateful and still blank on what my Writing Challenge story is going to be about.

I'll keep you posted.

In gratitude,


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