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Nine Days Ago

If we had taken another path,

decided upon another choice,

we'd be living across the country

right now.

My husband was offered a job that would've started nine days ago.

Across the country from where we are living.

It's where we want to go.

It's where we feel we'd like to be.

IT's just the timing...

Well, the gut feeling that the timing was suddenly not right.

My gut feeling

is my first sense.

Not my sixth sense.

Which I may have mentioned at some other time since I've been writing here.

But my gut feeling is my first sense,

it controls all my other senses.

The feeling cannot be masked.

Or distracted from.

And at times it may not seemed grounded in any logic.

But it in the end, it always is.

It's just that sometimes

it takes a moment for my heart & my brain

to catch up,

to what my soul already knows.

And this has happened so very many times,

that my husband trusts it too.

Trust your gut.

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