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Not Even a Minute

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

If you haven’t read the previous two posts

this one will not make any sense to you.

So I hope that you’ll go back to read, at the very least,

the previous two,

so that these thoughts and this story flow for you.


My husband and I watched a documentary last night.

It was about a missing girl.

Kidnapped at a young age.

In the 1970's.

She lived out a life,

Which appeared Seemingly normal,

Until it became obvious to others that it wasn’t.

But, it Never was normal.

Two thirds of the way through

the documentary,

My husband

Paused it

And turned to me and said

I’m sorry

But I have to say this

This could’ve been you…”

We reiterated on the questions

that we had spoke of

a few days earlier with my brother

Who was this man?

Was this his first attempt at doing something like this?

Based on what my brother saw, he feels it obviously wasn’t.

Based on what I saw, I'd have to agree.

What would he have done to me?

The thought if that makes them shudder.

The thought makes me shudder.

So I don’t think of it.

Would I even be alive?

Because we all know

That there were zero good intentions

Behind this act

It took Not Even A Minute

For this man

To scoop me up

Pull me into his Hotel Room

And CLOSE the door.

If my brother wasn’t lingering behind

Intrigued by the Vending Machine

And the bugs crawling around it...

It was the late 1970’s

Things were different

It seems life was just

A little more naive

Technology didn't exist

as it does today

Even so, technology isn't everything, it doesn't fix everything, to doesn't explain everything, it doesn't prove everything, and it certainly doesn't eliminate evil. The current numbers of missing & exploited children are nauseating... and those are the numbers that are reported.


Where would I be?

Who would I be?

What would I be?

Would I even... Be?


Would anyone ever really know?

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