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On Tuesdays…

I watch This Is Us

Every Tuesday

this has been my go-to television show

I have been devoted

Each of it’s six seasons

Usually I cry at least once per episode

Often it's been more


The Series Finale

Ugh, the tears

Everything about this show

The characters

The stories

The believability

The relatability

All of it

These writers amaze me

They way they have the ability

to make so many people

truly care



fictional characters...

it's Magical.

The way the actors

convince a viewer

that the character

they portray

is who

they actually are...

Top Shelf.

The way the writers of this show



with their writing

with each and every episode



An inspiration

For this writer

Let me leave you with these beautiful inspirational words of dialogue that have echoed through this final season of This Is Us. Whether you watched the show or not... Shame on you if not, these words can inspire anyone and everyone. And that is fabulous writing is all about.

"Take the risks. Make the big moves, even if they're small moves. Forge ahead with your lives in any and every direction that moves you. I'm asking you to be fearless." ~ Rebecca Pearson


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