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Over & Out

We just listened to our son report the 5 o'clock news from across the country. It's 8 pm here.

We've listened to him report the news nearly every day for over two years. That's why he moved across the country in the first place - this amazing career opportunity. A hybrid position of broadcaster, reporter and initially weekend host. It's been amazing to watch (hear) him shift and mold into the areas of his profession which most appeal to him. He's young and healthy and chasing dreams ~ How many of us can say that?

Listening to him on the radio has been a life saver for me with the transition of his move. I mean we talk all of the time, text everyday, but hearing him LIVE his dream, has been amazing for Us. WE're so proud of him. Being able to play his station hourly & hear his voice, has been like training wheels for me with the task of letting him grow. It's been as if he's closer than he really is.

But now he's moving on to Bigger things. Chasing Bigger dreams. He's manifesting the things he wants, the things he needs, the places he wants to live. So this broadcast was his final one with this station. I'm not going to lie, I recorded it. But who wouldn't?

Onward & Upward Ethan! Congratulations!


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